Molstad Excavating, Inc.

family-owned and operated

Originally founded in the mid 50's by Myron Molstad. In 1974 brothers Gary and Dennis Molstad carried on the family business focusing on commercial underground utilities. Some 7 decades after Molstad Excavating was founded, it's still a family underground utility contracting company, although the shovel has been replaced by more modern machinery. Our workforce and equipment are the main tools to being safe and successful.


company growth

Today Molstad Excavating operates 5 pipe crews, company growth has not come without challenges. The company built bridges for a period of time under the name "Consolidated Bridge Company" until the early 1980's, when an economic downturn made bridge work less feasible. Things had turned around and we had 3 pipe crews by 1997 when the 100 year flood hit "we had to add crews" 


moving forward

Molstad Excavating has done a number of flood protection and reconstruction projects in Grand Forks, ND. Completed a $10 million dollar water- line project in western North Dakota. The job included 80,000 feet of 36 inch ductile iron pipe. Our emphasis will always remain on safety and quality. We will continue to grow while doing quality work "that's what we take pride in"